I make miniature worlds, three-dimensional snapshots of natural elements, and portraits of plants and their littlest parts in silver, gold, enameled copper, and porcelain. Many pieces are inspired by science and the archiving of plant biology, such as illustrations of plant anatomy and models in cross section. Others are inspired by the insect eggs and plant ailments that I find, research, and do/do not destroy in my garden.

Pieces are fabricated in silver, a little bit of gold, kiln-fired enamel on copper and silver, and formed in porcelain. I've got about a million tools, a beloved little torch, a cute little test kiln, lots of artwork, and one happy plant in my sunny studio.

About nine years ago, I migrated from Philadelphia, PA to Hannibal, Missouri to join like-minded transplanted artists in renovating beautiful old neglected houses and buildings into studios and living spaces. When I’m not in the studio, you can find me tending to my ever-growing garden, baking something sweet or savory, or working on the old house or historic jail that I share with my dance party partner, Joachim Knill, usually with a spunky two year old in tow.